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Please note: If you are already in a major, your home career services office may have major-specific career resources to aid you in your search. Search by your major or career word for the appropriate career services office:

Haven't chosen a major? The Cross-College Advising Service and Exploration Center can help you find a fit.

With a solid foundation of self-assessment, you will be able to develop materials that represent you well. Clearly identify, understand, and describe your skills and accomplishments. The effectiveness of your resume, e-mails and interview skills start here.

Building a network of contacts is essential to your major exploration, job search and career decisions. Reach out through professional organizations, social clubs, and friends and family.

Develop skills and prove your strengths by gaining experience through volunteer positions, research opportunities and internships.

Research potential companies and agencies of interest. Get to know the market. Determine viable employers interested in hiring candidates with your skills. In whom are you really interested? Focus on finding specific employers versus flooding the market with resumes.

Step 5: Build Your Resume and Other Application Materials
Based on assessments and your goals and objectives, create your application materials using these themes. Build an effective resume by highlighting relevant skills, experiences (include leadership, school, and work experiences) to the position. Write a draft cover letter and modify to specific positions.

Develop polished e-mail communications requesting interviews or information regarding opportunities. Introduce yourself at career fairs. Adapt resume objective statements to highlight specific employer needs. Contact employers during campus events to secure interviews. Additionally, research and contact employers who do not visit campus for direct hire opportunities. Follow-up regularly until interview is scheduled.

Review skills and strengths and connect these to examples of how you use them in your practice. Take advantage of opportunities to talk about your practice. Articulate the match between your skills and employer needs. Participate in mock-interview opportunities on campus.

The quality of effort you choose to invest initially will have direct impact on your results. Contact your Career Office to find out how they can support your job search!

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