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Adult Career and Special Student Services
Location:21 N. Park Street, Suite 7101 compass icon Map Location
Madison, WI
Main Phone:608-263-6960
Staff: Judith Strand, Associate Dean
Don Creedy, Student Status Examiner
My Linh Do, Assoc. Student Svcs. Coordinator
Moira Kelley, Sr. Counselor
April McHugh, Counselor
Mary Mercier, Student Svcs. Coordinator
Ellen Morin, Administrative Asst. Supervisor
Sybil Pressprich, Sr. Counselor
Ileana Rodriguez, Sr. Outreach Spec.
Martin Rouse, Assistant Dean
Jane Schimmel, Student Svcs. Coordinator
Anna Seidel-Quast, Assoc. Student Svcs. Coordinator
Zufang Shan, Office Associate
Sarah Stilp, Student Svcs. Coordinator
General Contact (Main employer and student contact)
Services Offered:

Career Advising (Includes Educational Advising)

Job/Internships Postings (Limited to sharing postings with our Job Search Support Group)

Alumni Services (We serve both alumni and non-alumni)

Majors/Programs Served:All Majors;

Adult Career and Special Student Services serves nondegree University Special students, nontraditional degree students, and local adults considering a career change. Our career and educational planning services include counseling regarding career change, advising about continuing education (both credit and noncredit), and financial assistance information. These services are delivered through individual appointments and workshops provided on campus and at community locations such as public libraries. ACSSS also serves as the admitting, advising, and academic deanís office for the over 6,000 University Special students admitted annually to UW-Madison.

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